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  Jeb Rosen fff1fdda87 Improve documentation on Provider specification. 6 days ago
  Chris Zehner b27a55f9a8 Add a full example for custom provider configuration. 1 week ago
  Jeb Rosen 5028ba4a73 Prepare 0.2.0-rc.1 release. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 324bc4df75 Update CHANGELOG. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen e7389c7949 Use 'ring' and 'base64' instead of 'rand' for state generation. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 23960c5b6a Move responsibility for state generation out of Adapter. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen c3be480347 Fix typo in provider.rs: 'auth_uri' -> 'token_uri'. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 9ff3997474 Add the new refresh token exchange functionality to the CHANGELOG. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 7588cfba90 Reformat code. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen d5c5119e79 Remove a redundant clone(). 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 3a13e16425 Specify more accurate dependency versions. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen ed8f844f1f Convert 'Provider' to a trait. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 386710899d Rewrite `TokenResponse`. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen cc0aa73f88 Update CHANGELOG. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 72d7868d0f Remove the 'A' type parameter from 'OAuth2<A, C>'. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen a30985fb3c Rework Adapter error handling. 4 months ago
  Christoph Rohland b7aabc4810 Implement support for exchanging a refresh token. 4 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 30c44a2787 Release 0.1.0. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 5291169269 Derive more traits defined in 'std'. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 395e14e40b Add an explanation for accepting 'scope' in the auth callback. 5 months ago
  Christoph Rohland 66023777ad Accept 'scope' from the auth callback in addition to the token response. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen ba0e087e16 Add 'CHANGELOG.md'. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 3e1f1f6bdc Add 'Microsoft' (v2.0) as a known Provider with a corresponding example. 6 months ago
  Jeb Rosen bf34eea643 Update 'url' to 2.1. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen b5235c50ba Update 'rand' to 0.7. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 00b11ff941 Pin hyper-sync-rustls version. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 8a77bdb559 Set version to 0.1.0-dev. 5 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 2cfb051371 Deduplicate FromForm macro import. 8 months ago
  Jeb Rosen 530f1c3971 Add a template Rocket.toml file for the user_info_hyper_sync_rustls example. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 08c163e3b3 Move known Provider constants onto the Provider type. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 750d66132c Update rand to 0.6. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 35537a3b99 Version bump: 0.0.5. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 1cd0a2c08c Update to rocket 0.4.0. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 81efee3567 Rename 'default_scopes' to more obvious 'login_scopes'. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen e59e5fec7a Remove cumbersome generics from 'OAuth2::fairing'. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 9f810eb6a3 Tell cargo/crates.io about the README file. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 04f18b9a7a Separate configuration code and providers from 'core.rs'. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 80deb3aa0a Fix LICENSE for crates.io. 1 year ago
  Jeb Rosen 46991c7d4e Initial publish to GitHub. 1 year ago